Dartmoor and local communities have many and diverse attractions for both the day tourist and longer term traveller alike, including:

World War I Avenue of Honour Memorial Carvings

Waterfall Gardens and the Platypus cafe

Camping, water sports, river cruises (out of Nelson) and fishing in the lower GlenelgRiver

Swimming and canoeing at the Major Mitchell Trail/Fort O’Hare canoe launching area and campground

Village Green with electric BBQ, shelter, picnic tables, playground and tree carvings

Coach House Museum

River trail along the Glenelg River from Fort O’Hare.

The Great South West Walk

Paestan canoe hire at Winnap

Wood, Wine and Roses forest drive

River Road in the Lower Glenelg National Park

Princess Margaret Rose caves

Horse riding

Glass Inspirations

Lower Glenelg National Park

Heritage Walk, Dartmoor